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VALUEx started in 2011 in Klosters, Switzerland, with a group of value investors coming together
to share ideas and knowledge amongst each other, both through formal presentations,
and informal discussions in the hotel and on the ski slopes.

VALUEx is a private conference for those in the organizers’ personal network, or those recommended by
past attendees. In this way, the group remains intimate, ensuring a higher quality of interactions.

Inspired by VALUEx Klosters, value investors are replicating VALUEx principles under license around the globe – in Almaty, Kazakhstan; Vail, Colorado and Munich, Germany.


VALUEx is inspired by three principal sources, which determine the following three bedrock principles.

1. Berkshire Hathaway, Wesco, Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Ben Graham et al.
A place where like minded individuals can develop their worldly wisdom, learn to be better investors, and become better
people in the process.*

2. Wikipedia / Linux / Firefox and the Open Source revolution.
The endeavor is not for profit. Leadership comes from the group of individuals who are in the best position to contribute
and who can best understand and develop the mission and the goals.

3. Chris Anderson / TED / Ideas worth Sharing.
Content and speakers are selected using the same principle applied at TED, where the most successful talks are delivered
by inspiring speakers in an inspiring way. A strict time format ensures that the speakers deliver their most valuable
ideas promptly. The focus is on “Ideas worth sharing”, rather than pitching products / companies / one’s own services.

* VALUEx has been in large part inspired by the Colbeh dinners – organized for a certain period in New York by Shai Dardashti
at Colbeh restaurant*

© 2018

© 2018